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WELCOME TO 4D HEATING AND PLUMBING We are a heating and plumbing company with a team of experts that provides comprehensive services to cater for your boiler installations, boiler repairs, and all kinds of plumbing installation work, plumbing repairs such as toilet plumbing, kitchen plumbing, flush systems and drains. We know very well that finding a trustworthy engineer to fix all your heating and plumbing needs can be very difficult most times. But with 4D Heating and Plumbing, you can be very sure to find the best heating and plumbing company in London and surrounding areas.

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Are you looking for emergency boiler repair London? Why do you keep fixing your boiler time and over again? Maybe, you haven’t gotten the right service provider. Consider the problem is gone, when you let us handle your boiler at 4d Heating and Plumbing. Central repairs, installation, and maintenance of the boiler are what we do. We’re here for your boiler repairing service and emergency boilers repair London. Why would your boiler stop working? Could it be electrical, gas or mechanical problems? Sometimes, you can fix it yourself, but only when it’s safe for you. For your convenience and safety, 4d Heating and Plumbing is now at your service for boiler repair, boiler installation in your homes and offices anywhere in London. Aside from a frozen condensate pipe and other common boiler problems, a serious one is kettling. Boiler kettling is dangerous! This is because if it’s not treated, the entire boiler could break down. Kettling is caused by pressure build-up in the boiler’s heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is that component in the boiler responsible for heating the water that flows through the system. This pressure build-up is caused by hard water producing limescale inside the heat exchanger. The generated limescale, in turn, restricts the flow of water through the system. The restricted water becomes trapped in the heat exchanger for a long time. It then begins to boil and evaporate into steam. Water expands several thousand times over in its steam state. This expansion exponentially increases the pressure on the heat exchanger; which is what causes the rumbling sound you hear, as the heat exchanger battles to contain the produced steam.


PLUMBING SERVICES Are you looking for a terrific plumber; a plumber with information, experience and accuracy beneath the belt? Look no further because 4D Heating and Plumbing is here to help you with the best plumbing services London. Not every plumbing fault is easy to detect. Your plumbing system is extensive; pipes go behind walls, through crawlspaces, above your head, and underneath your property. A slab leak is one of the undetectable faults especially if your home sits on a concrete slab foundation. It’s expensive to repair, mostly when you're unable to detect its early signs. The source of a slab leak could be the cold or hot water lines running underneath your property. Standard corrosion is a major pointer in many cases, although, moving soil from an earthquake or nearby construction could be the cause. Water lines likely to get destroyed are the hot water lines. This could happen because of reactions forming between the soil around the pipes, the heat, and the condensation that could collect outside of the pipe.

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